Comeback craziness, Liverpool v City and what next for Bayern?

Nov 07, 03:23 PM
On this week's episode of the Onefootball Podcast, Ian McCourt is joined by Joana Bueno, Matt Frohlich and Benni Kuhloff.

There is only one place to start this week: the sacking of Niko Kovac. Why did it happen? What will happen next? And who is the right person to take over? Benni has some of the answers.

When that is done, it is time to talk about the crazy midweek action in the Champions League from Chelsea's comeback to Rodrygo via Erling Haaland.

And then attentions are turned to a huge weekend in the Premier League, where Leicester take on Arsenal and Manchester City travel to Anfield to face Liverpool.

We also talk Scrabble, all things Brazil and, of course, we answer your questions along the way.

Good, no?