Dr. Nicholas Holt, Professor and Vice Dean of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation - Positive Youth Development Through Sport

Nov 11, 05:30 PM
Nick grew up in Wales and then completed his undergraduate and masters degrees in the UK, before coming to Canada to complete his PhD at the University of Alberta in 2002. He is currently a Professor and Vice Dean (Research). Nick began coaching when he was 18, and spent five summers in the US working for Major League Soccer camps. He currently coaches at youth and adult levels in Edmonton. For fun, he runs ultramarathons, with his favorites being Sinister 7, Canadian Death Race, and Blackfoot Ultra. 

0:00 – Intro  

2:20 – Growing up and free play

4:45 – Challenges that youth sports parents face

9:05 – Multisport participation

15:56 – How organizations can try to reverse attrition rates

23:20 – Top 3 characteristics of great coaches

25:15 – Clare Drake and practice tips

28:49 – Nick’s research on free play and coaching

33:00 –  Focusing on long term athlete development

36:55 – Positive Youth Development (PYD) resources

40:20 – Role of organizations and coaches

42:50 – Youth sports attrition

45:05 – Positivity amongst youth sports parents 

50:14 – Engaging parent meetings

55:15 – Book/resource recommendations for coaches and parents

59:05 – Tips for shaving 5 years off the coaching learning curve

1:05:18 – Connecting with Nick Holt