Why You Should Be Bold Now!

Nov 08, 2019, 12:00 PM

Being bold and taking full ownership of our capabilities is not a natural talent for most women. More often than not we get stuck thinking that we couldn’t possibly succeed if we don’t have the right education, upbringing, social views, etc. Here to debunk those beliefs is Kate Isler. She is an author, international marketing executive, co-founder and CEO of Be Bold Now, Inc., and she did it all without a college degree.

Kate has had a fabulously dynamic career in which she has traveled the globe while working as an executive at Microsoft. She helped open subsidiary offices in Africa, Eastern Europe, India, and the Middle East, Latin America, and China. When she finally returned to the US she lead the international marketing and campaign teams for Microsoft Windows.

It wasn’t until she left Microsoft, after achieving so many career milestones, that she finally stopped and obtained her degree. Kate is supremely passionate about supporting women in reaching their career and life goals, which is what drove her to co-found Be Bold Now. Their mission is to build a network of women to support and inspire each other to take bold action in pursuing gender parity for women in leadership.

Be Bold Now is an outlet and community for women to share their stories and help others find the courage to take action in their own workplaces and communities. If you have a Bold story to tell, take the time to tell your story! Kate has also penned her very first book, a memoir about her young adult career that is due out next year. 

Kate’s advice for women leaders and those who simply want to reach for the next milestone is fantastic. She shares so many amazing stories from her own early career and how her actions then have informed her life today. Listen to the very end to learn why asking for help is not a weakness and why the first step on the road to success is to have a goal. 

Show Notes:
  • [01:11] Welcome back to everyone and thank you for being here.
  • [02:42] Kate Isler is on the show to help you learn how to be bold, now.
  • [04:02] Learn more about Kate’s beginnings and why she created Be Bold Now.
  • [07:15] What does Kate tell women who feel alone in the boardrooms of corporate America?
  • [08:57] Hear why diversity and inclusion are separate ideals that must be addressed equally. 
  • [10:51] Are there common roadblocks to integrating diversity and inclusion? 
  • [12:43] What has Kate learned from hearing the stories of those involved in Be Bold Now? 
  • [15:51] Learn what it means to self-select oneself out of an opportunity.
  • [17:46] How can women support one another to achieve equity in leadership?
  • [21:46] Kate shares information about her new book, a memoir about her young adult life.
  • [25:33] Any lessons that stand out for Kate that helped propel her forward in her career? 
  • [27:41] Where should a woman go to ask for help within their company and in life? [30:13] Kate shares her final piece of advice on how to Be Bold. 
  • [32:09] Connect with Kate.
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