Crazy Fan Story | Office Horror Stories

Episode 3,   Nov 14, 2019, 03:55 PM

Anyone who has ever worked in the public eye likely has a crazy fan story. This goes for reporters, entertainers, or public figures of any kind. If you work in the public, at one point or another you are bound to come across an individual who wants to get just a little “too close” for comfort. What does one do when their crazy fan story goes from funny to dangerous? How extreme do some people go to be in the good graces or the view of those they admire? Today we hear the story of a newspaper reporter who discovers just how extreme one reader went to get close to her, and the terror it brought to her life and family. 

A child goes to extreme lengths to avoid shots at a clinic.

A journalist discovers the horrors of working with some delusional and deranged members of the public.

What is it like to sell something everyone needs but no one wants to pay for?

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