Minisode 11: You & Technology... It's complicated too (electric boogaloo)

Nov 18, 2019, 01:00 PM
On our previous minisode we discussed our complicated relationship with social media and technology. This episode we flip the topic to y’all and share some of the feedback we received.

We hear from Josh at The Bloody Beaver Podcast, who chats about social media and the boundaries he sets to preserve his peace of mind. Our favorite listener Annie writes in weighing the pros and cons of getting her toddler a Kindle Fire this Christmas. We listen to a message from a web developer, podcaster and host of The Third Wheel Podcast. He chats about needing to constantly use tech for work but generally having a positive relationship with it. Be jealous, we were! We get a voice message from Rachel at Hashtag History who shares a story about a wake-up call she had during a family crisis. Our entrepreneurial friend and recovering Silicon Valley exec writes in with her own struggles to find an appropriate work life balance when working for oneself from home. Joshua the host of Our Foundations Podcast weighs in with a more macro view of the promises and danger of technology. He highlights the historic relationship between new technologies their great potential educate but also their ability to distract us from larger more systemic issues. True story!

Such plentiful and thoughtful feedback this minisode!! To everyone who sent in feedback please hug yourselves for us in a lingering but non-creepy way, thanks loves!

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