Episode 18 | Kashmir is normal, says Home Minister Amit Shah | Kashmiri journalists test this claim

Episode 18,  Nov 25, 2019, 12:30 PM

112 days of communication blockade since August 5, postpaid mobile services restored, internet and prepaid mobile services still down

"There is no question of normalcy being restored in Kashmir. Because Kashmir is already functioning normally.”
These were the words of Home Minster Amit Shah in the Parliament last week. Following this, the Valley which has been trying to inch back to daily functionality reverted back to a curfew like situation. Posters appeared across the Valley, warning people from operating their businesses or taking out their vehicles.
In order to understand what is actually transpiring in Kashmir, we will be taking a closer look at all ten Districts of Kashmir from tomorrow. We will look at issues specific to each region and then present where things stand in the Valley.
To set the tone for this exercise, we will begin by speaking to our reporters who are travelling across North, Central and South Kashmir. They will specifically address the claims of the Home Minister on the aspects of communication, mobility, functioning of government services, militancy and the existent curbs on politicians.
Joining us today to speak on these aspects from different parts of Kashmir are Danish Bin Nabi, Quratulain Rehbar and Kaiser Andrabi.