Ep1 - Richard Stokes: Getting The Wind Back Into My Sails

Season 1,   Dec 01, 2019, 08:00 AM

It all starts here...Welcome to the very first episode of The Mojo Podcast - thank you for taking the time to drop by.

I started this podcast to enable brave and fascinating people to tell their mojo stories. How they lost their mojo and how they have managed to regain their mojo. Each deeply personal story is shared to allow listeners to better understand what mojo means to them and gain some inspiration to better manage their mojo.

And this first episode is especially personal because it's my mojo story. I felt compelled to share my story before I could ask anyone else to talk about their mojo.

I'm interviewed by Jo Youle of Reset Rebel Productions. We talk about my own definition of mojo - my essential energy - and how I focus on managing it everyday.
We talk in depth about two key moments in my life when my mojo was especially low - during divorce and when my corporate job gave me less joy. All of which led to decisons to make change in my life in order to get the wind back into my sails.

We cover areas such as fear of change, what we can control or influence and we cannot, being out of my comfort-zone, and what it took to set up my own business and relocate to Ibiza. We do talk about Ibiza a lot as I love it here. You can hear the sound of the waves from the beach we recorded on and, maybe, almost smell the pine trees that surrounded us.

I really hope you enjoy this episode - it's a huge learning curve for me so feedback is all very welcome.
Have a great week
Richard x

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