The Mojo Podcast IWD Special - How Can Men Find The Mojo To Fully Champion Gender Equality?

Mar 16, 2023, 06:00 AM

Welcome to a very special episode of The Mojo Podcast - a bonus episode on a subject I'm passionate about. And not one but three amazing guests - together in a studio in central London to discuss a profoundly important topic which they all have immense expertise and experience in.

We’re talking about building a fairer and more equitable workplace and specifically how men can find the mojo to better support gender equality.

This is of course a huge topic, an important topic and not one we're going to solve in a 45 minute podcast. But the intention here is to share some insight, creating a safe space to have this conversation (both here in our studio for you at your work place) and to leave you with inspiration and some ideas for action.

Joining me this week - three previous guests:

Lara Milward is part of the leadership team at Shine, a female founded business dedicated to accelerating inclusivity. She is a neuroleadership coach, a mum, a CrossFitter(50/50 men and women) and lives by the mantra “I move therefore I think”
Lara was previously a guest in Series 3 Episode 7

Daniele Fiandaca is founder of Token Man Consulting, an inclusion and diversity consultancy which specialises in engaging senior leaders and men with I&D and inspiring them to become inclusive leaders and agents of change, creating workplaces that are truly inclusive and diverse. Token Man Consulting was born from Token Man, an initiative he co-founded nearly a decade ago to engage men with the gender equity discussion andis also co-founder of Masculinity in the Workplace, one of the few I&D events that has majority male attendance.
Daniele was previously a guest way back in Series 1 Epsiode 9

Bodhi Aldridge is a Guide, Teacher, Facilitator and Best-selling Author. He guides men to develop Presence, open their hearts, and integrate their masculine and feminine energy so they can start paying attention to what matters most. Bodhi’s journey as a father, a grandfather, a lawyer, a coach and a facilitator has taken him across the world diving deep into traditional teachings and contemporary leadership development so that he could find his magnificence and bring those teachings to other men.
Bodhi was previously a guest twice before - in Series 2 Episode 5 and Series 5 Episode 1

Recorded at in central London

I really hope you get something from this epsiode

With love
Richard 🦋

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