Episode 24 | What are the long term implications of continuous clampdowns on the lives of Kashmiris? | In conversation with Quratulain Rehbar

Episode 24,  Dec 03, 2019, 12:30 PM

120 days of communication blockade since August 5, postpaid mobile services restored, internet and prepaid mobile services still down

Having looked at situation in North Kashmir and South Kashmir, we will take a closer look at Central Kashmir in today's episode.

The primary focus of this episode though will be to try and understand the long term effects of continuous lockdowns on the people of Kashmir. For decades, Kashmir has been in the middle of violence and clampdowns, each adding up to the existing trauma and angst. The worst to have suffered in the past few years have been victims of pellet firing. Kashmiri journalist Quratulain Rehbar has spoken to many of them, including those who've suffered injuries after August 5. We will listen to their accounts, in addition to the accounts of those who've lost their lives. In a difficult situation are also women who are in different stages of their pregnancy. We will speak to them to understand what they face.

Cover photo: Image of Hiba Jan, 19 months old when this photo was taken. She is the youngest to have been hit by a pellet gun fired by security forces. 
Source: Basit Zargar.