The Life and Death of Jack Straw (Full Cast Audio Adaptation)

Episode 120,  Dec 09, 2019, 08:17 AM

A Full Cast Audio Adaptation of The Life and Death of Jack Straw

The Life and Death of Jack Straw by Anonymous - A Full Cast Audio Adaptation

The Peasants Revolt has begun! Jack Straw and his fellow rebels head to London to demand an end to unfair taxes from the king. The fourteen year old king Richard II and his counsellors are completely unprepared for the revolt that quickly spirals out of control. 
"We owe God a death, and we can but die!"

Jack Straw is played by Pollie Hall, Wat Tyler by Leigh McDonald, Tom Miller by Hugh Weller-Poley, John Ball by Rob Myson and Nobs by Sarah Golding. 
King Richard II is played by Nemonee Stone, the Archbishop by Adam Thurkettle, the Lord Mayor by Simon Nader, Sir John Morton by Geir Madland, Sir John Newton by Heydn McCabe, the Queen Mother by Gillian Horgan and the Usher by Pamela Flanagan.
The Tax Collector is played by Robert Crighton, Hob Carter by Andy Barrett, the Messenger by Mark Scanlon, the Southwark Men by Alan Scott.
Other parts played by members of the company. 
Music composed and recorded by Jack Lawson.
Technical presentation by Robert Crighton. 
Special thanks to the Beyond Shakespeare Irregulars, the Quay Theatre Quiz Night, Chris Hapka, Stephen Longstaffe, Tony Tambasco of Bad Quarto Productions, the Geese who live next door our studio.
Additional sound of water from the lovely people at

A detailed look through the play can be found via our !Spoilers! episodes, where we look at the complete text, which is presented uncut and without additional production. 

You can follow the text online - though some texts are better than others. There are, to our current knowledge, only two modern editions - the print on demand acting edition published by Groundling Press which can be found at their website, and the almost impossible to get edition edited by Stephen Longstaffe (Mellen Critical Editions, 2002). 
Online versions exist - there is a copy of a facsimile at, which serves as a foundation
Other online versions can and should be searched for. 
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