Black Sheep Edition

Episode 356,   Dec 12, 2019, 12:00 PM

In this week’s episode, veterans from the War on Christmas trudge home to lives they no longer recognize, we learn that the Trump campaign literally thinks Thanos was the good guy, and Steve and Tally Cass of Monster on Sunday will be here to rock the f*** out.
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War on christmas
Roy Moore justifies candidacy by comparing himself to Brett Kavanagh and Clarence Thomas:
WSJ Essayist: Atheists Should Just “Lie” to Their Kids When Talking About Death:
A Woman Was Nearly Kicked Off a Flight for Wearing a “Hail Satan” Shirt
Donald Trump to Jewish Crowd: You Have to Vote for Me or You’ll Lose Your Money:
This Week in Misogyny:

Reason Wins Out in Alberta’s Anti-Choice “Conscience Bill” Case: