Raising a Healthy Child

Jan 21, 07:30 PM
➡In this week's episode, Mitch and Mills tackle some pretty sensitive issues and discuss some of the factors that contribute to raising a healthy child. 

➡Delving into controversial topics including childhood vaccinations, behaviour labelling and medicating our children, the guys also examine 👀 how diet and nutrition play a crucial part in our child’s behaviour. 🍟 🍭 🍦 

➡In a society where everyone wants to be viewed as "perfect,"👌🏼 the guys look at how the quest to be or at least appear to be the “perfect parent” steers some parents towards taking the easiest route for them, often to the detriment of their child. 

➡It’s safe the say not everyone will share the same opinions on each of these topics, but the one thing we can be sure of is that everyone does the best they can, with the knowledge they have and it always comes from a place of love.🥰 

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