Who Am I? - A podcast by ManMade - Episode #7: A Holiday Special (Feat. Maddie F)

Dec 30, 2019, 05:18 PM
We've been out of action for a while but we're back this week with a special episode for the holiday times with a special guest! 

Official story starts at 1:15

Maddie F. joins us as she tells her incredible story; but who could it be? Guess on your own or on our social feed on Facebook to see if you've got it right!

"Who Am I?" is a unique storytelling quiz podcast run by the ManMade storytelling team.

For best experiences, put on some headphones and really sink into the experience. 

Who am I explores a sub-story or story of a well known person; and your job is to try and guess who it is. They could be fictional, non-fictional, male, female, old, young, alive or dead. Don't be distracted by our voice!