Predictions revisited: The Premier League 2019/20 mid-season review

Jan 02, 04:39 PM
00:01:45 - 00:14:01 | Which team is mostly like to stop Liverpool becoming Invincibles II?

'Jürgen Klopp have mastered 'getting on base' Moneyball style'

00:14:32 - 00:25:16 | Chelsea's chaos theory proven right in top four race

'Werner could allow Chelsea to experiment with a Magic Square built for pressing'

00:25:16 - 00:35:05 | Thanks for the memories, Big Six, but it's time to go

'Leicester have proved they are completely merciless'

00:35:37 - 00:55:05 | The relegation battle

How Sheffield United made us look silly

00:55:10 - 01:01:45 | Young Player of the Year, and more...

Could TAA replicate a Ronaldo and Bale feat?

01:02:02 - END | Squawka Sixes: FA Cup third round special

'The Championship's best young player is being linked to Man Utd by credible sources...'

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