Discussing: Jack Drum's Entertainment by John Marston

Episode 123,  Jan 04, 2020, 12:42 PM

A chat about a production of Jack Drum's Entertainment with the director.

Discussing Jack Drum's Entertainment by John Marston - with Sam Plumb, director of a production of the play with the Young Actors Company in 2016. Host Robert Crighton has a lengthy chat about the play, their production, working with youth theatre, and the nature of an Entertainment. And there's a bonus recording of the pre-show introduction, with Rob Myson as the Tireman. You can watch a recording of the discussed production on YouTube here - https://youtu.be/EbrxKFULTGk and there's more on the John Marston Project and the play here https://johnmarston.leeds.ac.uk/the-works/jack-drums-entertainment/
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