LongShorts: Sun is Shining

Jan 06, 2020, 12:00 AM
We hear a lot about solar energy and how it can help the environment. But as retail customers does that pitch really work? What if we rather start looking at solar energy as an investment opportunity? 

Well...Pranesh, our guest this week, has made a viable business out of it, so we thought its best to ask him ;)

Pranesh (Chaudhary) has worn many hats. From the world of analytics at Capital One to transformation strategies for large financial institutions - more than three years ago he decided to move away from his rather "desktop" origins to the tech/operations heavy realm of installing solar rooftop systems for homeowners. 

Starting ZunRoof with his IIT Kharagpur batchmate Sushant Sachan, Pranesh now wants to broaden ZunRoof's focus from being India's largest Solar Rooftop provider to a wider Home-IoT solutions company. While sharing his story, he talks about ZunRoof's model and differentiation, the task of communicating the solar investment idea to a customer, and wider comments on the dynamic and myths around residential solar energy sector at-large. 

If you're remotely keen to understand the solar energy sector from the grass-root level up, this podcast episode is for you.