Nightmare on Enewetak: Episode 16 (Enewetak Cleanup Vets & Henry Wallace)

Jan 06, 2020, 01:00 PM
Do you like piña coladas? Not the popular song (which is apparently about cheating), but the breezy tropical drink? Tux shares the murky history of this episode’s cocktail, from Puerto Rican pirates to hotel bartenders, and describes how this island-y beverage ties in with his scandal this month.

Also discussed: Artisanal PBR, Jimmy Buffet, Suddenly Last Summer, Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States, The original members of Destiny’s Child, that forgotten time in American history when we all agreed that Nazis are bad, Trapper Keeper ™, Thruples, and “Oh Florida”. 

Tux is revisiting the Marshall Islands this month, so hold onto your butts. If you thought the story of the Castle Bravo test was a bummer, I don’t think you’re ready for this depressing jelly. After nuclear testing finished on the remote Islands of Enewetak Atoll, they were highly radiologically contaminated, but the government had promised the Marshallese people that they’d be able to return. To try to make that possible, American servicemen were sent on a fool’s errand and paid dearly for it. 
Special Thanks to Brian Cowden for his help in researching this story and for audio from his documentary short films about the Marshall Islands and Enewetak Cleanup Vets. 

Stephanie spends this episode counting the ways in which she loves Henry Wallace, FDR’s progressive second vice president. She also details the shady ways in which the Democrat’s conservative party leadership blocked Wallace’s bid for a second term as VP at the Democratic National Convention, and got him replaced with an errand boy/turd who was more aligned with their interests.
Wiki - Henry A. Wallace

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