Bridal Consult Nightmares | Bridal Industry Stories

Episode 20,   Feb 20, 2020, 09:00 AM

When you work bridal consultant, you would assume your bridal consultant nightmare stories would be about the customers… the brides. Not so! In one of today’s stories, the management at one bridal store could make the worst bridezilla look like a perfect princess! That’s today on Office Horror Stories!

Here’s a preview of the office horror story we will be talking about: 
 “One day before I left for work, I realized my one of my dogs chewed up my pair of nice, black flat shoes. I found my old pair and threw them on so I wouldn't be late. At work that day one of my managers didn't like the shoes I had on and told me I should buy a new pair. The shoes were a little worn, but by no means did they break the dress code at all. In his words, my shoes were hideous. I told him how my dogs chewed up my other pair and that I would get another pair when I had time. I was working closing that night, so I knew I wouldn't make it to the store after work. The next day I was opening, so again, I did not have time to get another pair. As I was helping a customer, my manager noticed I was wearing my old shoes again. He proceeded to yell at me in front of a customer about my hideous shoes and how I needed a new pair. I stood there in shock that he had the nerve to yell in front of a customer about a pair of shoes. I believe I went to the breakroom and cried after that because it was humiliating. So badly I wanted to tell him that I could get new shoes if I got paid more and had more time to get to a store to buy some. One of the other managers told me later that day that she would talk to him because there was no reason for him to do that, especially in front of a customer.”

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