Moving Company Nightmare | Office Horror Stories

Episode 21,   Feb 25, 2020, 10:00 AM

There is an endless amount of moving company nightmare stories. But what do you do when you’re just trying to do your job moving someone, and your customers seem to be on a mission to make life as difficult as possible? That’s today on Office Horror Stories!

Here’s a preview of the office horror story we will be talking about: 

“On job is still firmly planted in my memory year later. We were hired to move a family from one city to another with approximately 2 hours’ drive in between. The contract was signed, and we arrived with a deposit paid. We began in the early AM, and I tried to ease my heart attack as our eyes took in how much junk we had to move. The garage was arranged in a pile to the ceiling, approximately 14 feet in height filled with children's toys. When I say pile, I mean it! Nothing was packed in there. We loaded the garage contents, which took most of the time. Upon starting on the house, it was one shock after another approaching a new room. Some things were packed in boxes but covered in sticky substances. The house itself had the potential to be gorgeous if not covered in the thickest layer of dust, crumbs, moldy food, and animal feces I had ever seen. We somehow managed to load up this house while stepping around three extremely obese children who were not monitored by the parents. When snack time arrived for the kids, the mother (who was a nurse) pulled out a massive tray of frozen cheesecake slices. I know that health and diet tend to be prioritized differently when moving but the children's dinner and waistlines possibly suggested it was a regular diet. My heart broke for these kids due to health and living conditions, but I knew it wasn't my place to judge. We continued this move from hell which in total took 20 hours straight to complete.”

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