S2: E1 “White People Food”, Is That Really a Thing?

Jan 14, 12:02 PM
Question? Are there foods that you really don’t care to eat cause you categorize them as “white people food”? Do those so called “white people food” create an unattainable picture of health? Well, however you choose to answer this question this is the exact way the HuffPost presented this question in a 2018 article (see link below). Let's be real when you think about brussel sprouts, quinoa, and cauliflower rice versus sweet potato pie, collard greens, and black -eyed peas, is there a racial divide in your mind? In today's episode we have a guest dietitian, Lindsay Smith, who  practices in East Harlem, who will share with us issues on food culture, gentrification, and answer the question, does white people food really exist? Oh, and for those of you wondering - Lindsay is a white dietitian.

Article by HuffPost:https://www.huffpost.com/entry/white-people-food_n_5b75c270e4b0df9b093dadbb

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