Processus Satanae LIVE (Fragment)

Episode 127,  Jan 16, 2020, 08:49 AM

A 'recon' of Processus Satanae, a fragmentary play.

Fragments: Processus Satanae - Or, Satan Vs God (Case Number 666)
It's cue script time again - the text known as Processus Satanae is mostly the dialogue for the character God, with a few words as cues for the lines. It's a tricky one to date - somewhere around 1560 is the best guess, but it could come anywhere between 1500-80. The plot is simple. Satan sues God for ram raiding hell and stealing Adam, Eve and the rest of the Old Testament. This is a recording of a live presentation, recorded on Halloween 2019 at the Farmers Club in Bury St Edmunds, followed by our initial exploring session from earlier that year.
You can follow a version of this text here:
LIVE: Rob Myson was God, Heydn McCabe was Satan, and presenter/everyone else was Robert Crighton.
Exploring: The Beyond Shakespeare Irregulars were Richard Fawcett as God, with Maria Walker as mostly Angels, and Mark Scanlon as Satan. Your Host is Robert Crighton.
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