Thursday, January 16: The Latest From On Fotis Dulos, Tribe Stories About Being Fired, And Who Should've Made It To The Rock Hall?

Jan 16, 2020, 09:51 PM

Chaz and AJ talk to President Trump about his appearance at the LSU-Clemson game and his thoughts on Michael Bloomberg spending $10 million on a Super Bowl ad (0:00) 

We hear from two attorneys, Norm Pattis and Matthew Maddox; Norm on the latest with his client Fotis Dulos, and Maddox talks about the disturbing murder case allegedly committed by a Colchester man in Disney (2:47)

Dumb Ass News - tourists poop on a sacred area at Machu Picchu (14:18)

Bob Mitchell, the employment attorney, helps the Tribe with their stories about being fired (15:58)

Jess O'Brien on to talk about the passing of Trenton, the 7-year-old super car fan, and his family who needs help to cover his funeral costs (32:32)

Jimmy Koplik talks about the inductees into the Rock Hall of Fame, and the 3 artists he had on his ballot that didn't make it in (41:13)