The History and Mystery of Alcatraz Island

Episode 93,   Jan 19, 2020, 05:03 PM

***TimeStamps Coming Soon***

This week on the podcast the guys take a history trip to San Francisco bay and to the infamous Alcatraz island. Once home to a notorious prison housing 'the worst of the worst' the island now lays abandoned apart from the tens of thousands of tourists each year, all hoping to get a feel of the once deemed 'Un-Escapable' maximum security prison.

Few have dared to attempt the feat of escape, but this week D takes us on the journey of Frank Morris and co. The only men to have 'escaped' and are still to this day, hidden from local authorities, FBI and the rest of the world.

Just how did they manage the escape? Or where possibly could they be? Drowned? Eaten by sharks? Taken out to sea on the strong current? 

We also learn from the guys a few facts and figures about the famous island and penitentiary and Chris discusses briefly the paranormal surrounding the prison.

News regarding the PS5 controller, Nick Cages' latest film and Apu leaving the Simpson cast along with a few interesting tid-bits regarding the 19th of January.