Minisode 13: Representation Listener Mail

Jan 20, 2020, 01:00 PM
On our previous minisode we discussed media representation of marginalized group; why it’s important to us personally and to the world at large. This mailbag episode we flip this question ask to y’all!

We read an email from from Kat who talks about one-dimensional fat characters on screen and how refreshing it was to finally see complex characters that resonated with her lived experience (see links for these shows below). Lauren, a listener in Mexico, shares a revolutionary moment and explains her conscious choice to no longer consume the patriarchal world culture we have all been indoctrinated by. We hear from Hunter who talks about how the queer character on Degrassi: The Next Generation spoke to him as a teen growing up in a conservative small town in Texas, long before he had access to a lgbtq college community. Brandon, one of the hosts of Peculiar Picture Show podcast, give examples of damaging ways film get mental health issues wrong and the few promising ways they get it right (Silver Linings Playbook, Mad Max: Fury Road, Finding Nemo, etc).

Y’all came through with such thoughtful feedback this episode! Do hug yourselves for us in a lingering but non-creepy way, thanks loves!

Rae Unzips Her Fat Suit | My Mad Fat Diary
Shrill Season 1 | Trailer
Peculiar Picture Show | The podcast that talks about movies, maladies, and mental health.
Silver Linings Playbook | Trailer

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