Is ignoring AI the charity sector's biggest tech mistake?

Jan 21, 07:00 AM
It’s still early days for most in the charity sector, but the truth is artificial intelligence is now far from being just a buzzword. 

Experts are saying that artificial intelligence will shape society more than any other technology in the next few decades, so why would the third sector be any exception? However, it’s not been without its bad press – with risks and concerns over data use, loss of jobs and general usability.  

We’re seeing more and more charities using technology such as machine learning, chatbots and algorithmic decision making to do everything from serving information and telling stories online, to taking voice-based donations, driving innovative research and serving beneficiaries.  The possibilities are incredibly wide-ranging.  

This podcast challenges the negative aspects of AI, dives into exactly what charities are missing out on and shares how other charities are using AI to change the shape of their fundraising, operations and services.

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This podcast is supported by The Microsoft UK Philanthropies team are aiming to help charities and young people across the UK develop digital skills and they'll be working with us over the next few months to produce a short series of podcasts and webinars. If you'd like to learn more about AI tech and how it can help your charity, head over to the charity digital website or visit Microsoft's AI for good site.

Our guests:

Nick Wise is the CEO of Ocean Mind (a social enterprise that uses satellites and artificial intelligence to empowers fisheries authorities and seafood buyers to understand the compliance of fishing around the world, both near- and offshore. They provide confidential direct support, training and capacity building to governments and IGOs, as well as risk management and due diligence to the seafood industry.  

Kate Rosenshine leads the Cloud Solution Architect team at Microsoft covering media, telco & professional services sectors, previously working on data & AI in financial services.