Tales from the Walking Trail Days Ten and Eleven

Jan 21, 2020, 07:44 AM
"It's something special this walk. I think it is Toby Clarke's design it is nothing to do with walking. It is about finding a delicate balance between challenge and keeping your guests alive. It's a delicate balance of long walks and nice lunches and it's about recognising a lunch should take at least one hour. Every place we stayed was more and more unique and probably the biggest success was US!! I don't think Toby will ever find a crew like ours again, the evenings are great. It's magnificent. It's really something special." 

The round up of Corame one of the twelve walers on the around the island walk, as the crew enter days Ten and eleven, heading slowly via a Pina Colada at Babylon Beach towards the finish Line. 

Much reflection in this episode. Music comrade connevction.
 Much LOVE between the team.  A special experience.

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