S2: E2 And What About “Black People Food”?

Jan 21, 03:06 PM
Recently we discussed foods that we and others have heard described as “White People Food”.  Although not referred to in the same manner, there are foods that people like to think of as "black people food". Truthfully these foods are more synonymous with the south than they are with a particular race. Southern states like Georgia, Mississippi  and Alabama eat these so called "black people foods" and they are very popular among all races in those states.  To take this a step further, is 'unhealthy' the appropriate term to describe these foods?  While it is true that preparation is important when it comes to cooking and health management, do we have to remove all of the foods that black communities love and are traditions in their family? In today's episode we have a guest dietitian, Ladarius Madison, who was born and raised in Alabama. He’s going to discuss with us reasons why some foods are categorized as "black people food”, should we make changes to our cultural food favs, and how health professionals can help.

Article by HuffPost:https://www.huffpost.com/entry/white-people-food_n_5b75c270e4b0df9b093dadbb

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