Fired From First Job | Crazy Office Ladies

Episode 27,   Mar 17, 2020, 09:00 AM

It happens to many of us. Getting fired from a first job! How often is that firing justified though? Today we hear about a zealous boss who seems to have a systematic way of “removing” people.

Here’s a preview of the office horror story we will be talking about: 

“One evening she came in with her husband and was bickering and fighting with him. My other coworker and I said good night and walked out the door, while the owner was putting something away in the dessert cooler. The next day she accused one of use of leaving the cooler "open four inches!". I tried to explain to her that she was putting things into the cooler as we were walking out of the door. She didn't buy it. The next thing I got accused of doing was dumping trash bags over a back wall instead of throwing them into a dumpster. Of course, she didn't believe that I hadn't been doing that. At this point I was already on her bad side and could not do anything right. Did I mention how much I was getting paid? Somewhere in the ballpark of 5.50 an hour. Tips weren't exactly pouring in. I probably didn't have more than 15 hours in a week. The owner did not believe in giving raises to employees until they were no longer teenagers...which meant you couldn't get a raise until you were twenty years old! Things had gone sour between me and her in only a matter of weeks. One afternoon while I was at school, the owner called my mother at home and told her that she no longer wanted me to come in to work. When my mother informed me of what happened, I felt humiliated...I had been fired from my first job!”


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