Can Anyone Get Into Investing? ft. Freetrade

Episode 17,   Jan 30, 2020, 06:58 AM

On This Week's Money Bites by Smart Money People, we’re asking 'Can Anyone Get Into Investing?'

We'll be chatting to Adam Dodds, CEO and Founder at Freetrade to chat about what they're doing to get first-time investors involved in the stock market. We'll also have some top tips for would-be investors from our very own Money Bites team, and as per usual, we'll have a brand new edition of the world-famous Skittlemanian as-well-as one of Mr. Money's prank calls!

(02:40) - Interview with Adam Dodds, CEO & Founder at Freetrade
(16:48) - Skittlemania with Adam Dodds
(19:36) - Mr. Money Prank Call
(21:52) - Top Tips for Would-Be Investors

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