Best of 2020...So Far!

Episode 23,   Mar 12, 2020, 07:00 AM

On this weeks Money Bites, we're taking you through our favourite moments from 2020 so far! We’ll have a variety of prank calls, big cheese grillings & of course, a round of the renowned confectionery competition, Skittlemania!

(01:00) - Interview with Phil Andrew of Stepchange
(03:14) - Mr. Money Prank Call One
(04:47) - Interview with Adam Dodds of Freetrade
(07:44) - James Herbert of Hastees' record-breaking Skittlemania!
(09:52) - Mr. Money Prank Call Two
(12:20) - Interview with Robert Kelly of ABCUL
(15:15) - Historic journey through FinTech
(19:08) - Interview with Angela Clements of Fair For You

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