Warehouse Nightmares | Dream Job Nightmare

Episode 29,   Mar 24, 2020, 05:00 AM

Warehouses can be incredibly dangerous places to work. Powerful equipment, heavy boxes, and lots of people dodging each other, avoiding one disaster after another. What could possibly go wrong? We find out today on Office Horror Stories!

Here’s a preview of the office horror story we will be talking about: 

“Now this is a WAREHOUSE where forklifts and other powered equipment is being used around pedestrians all day long. The bosses in this facility wanted the forklift drivers to pretty much run these things right up to the line of dangerous all day long to get the orders filled as fast as possible, and if you are not fast enough, you get bumped down to filling the orders which is not a job that a 40 year old can do. The lift that I was assigned to have an issue, sometimes it would just randomly stop turning right or, sometimes it would just randomly turn right. Both issues were well documented and "fixed" several times. The last day that I worked there, this piece of shit randomly turned right into a rack and destroyed two pallets of product in the process. My boss came over to inform me that although he didn't want to write me up, we need to go to the office and fill out the write up. I told him not to even bother with the trip because I had found a better job with better pay and an owner who actually gives two shits that out tools are in proper working order.”

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