Exploring: N-Town, Play 2 (Fall of Adam and Eve)

Jan 30, 2020, 10:27 AM

A first look read through of The N-Town Play 2, Fall of Adam and Eve.

Exploring: The N-Town Play, a slow burn look at a medieval Mystery (sort of) cycle. The N-Town Play comes to us as a single manuscript, but it's a compilation of various different sources - including elements from what looks like a cycle and various other large scale productions focusing on episodes from the Bible. We continue with Play 2, following the story of the fall of Adam and Eve. It follows on directly from the previous play with the creation of the rest of the universe - and we'll be coming back to this play in the future for more work.
You can compare this play with our work on other fall of Adam and Eve plays - an Exploring session of Chester https://audioboom.com/posts/2449437-chester-plays-2-1-adam-and-eve (there's a part two, too) or our rough full cast audio adaptation here https://audioboom.com/posts/6379457-adam-and-eve-chester-mystery-cycle. And there are other variations coming in the next few months - so hang on in there.
The Beyond Shakespeare Irregulars this episode were Liz Cole, Richard Fawcett, Mark Scanlon, and Alan Scott – with host, Robert Crighton.
There are various online and purchasable versions available - here's a good one, but is in the original middle English and might put you off - others should be hunted for to taste. https://d.lib.rochester.edu/teams/text/sugano-n-town-plays-play-2-creation-of-the-world-fall-of-man
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