Focus In Your Screen Printing Shop: The Shop Owner's Biggest Downfall!

Feb 01, 2020, 05:11 PM

What's the biggest mistake screen print shop owners make? They focus on the wrong things - or worse, they're just not focused at all. The screen printing industry is a challenging one. Every time you print on a shirt for a customer, you're taking a small risk. There's a lot on the line.
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Bruce from Printavo sits down with Steven Farag from Campus Ink for another episode of the PrintHustlers podcast. They have a candid conversation about how difficult it is to focus when you own a growing business.
What's the biggest downfall for most screen print shop owners? It's a lack of focus.
This happens several ways:
- Owners are spread too thin. They're answering too many questions, causing extreme distraction
- Owners are doing tasks they're not good at. Worse, they're stuck doing tasks they don't even like
- Owners are not focused on high-value tasks. They're really busy...but not doing things that will actually help improve the business
- Owners are focused on short-term fixes and problems. They're just trying to get through the day – not focused on achieving long-term goals
Screen printing is a notoriously difficult industry. There are genuine barriers to growth and improvement. From garments suppliers, low margins, misfit customers, challenging employees, and a lack of industry standards – there's no lack of headaches.
Here's the biggest takeaway: you don't have to be everything to every customer. And you shouldn't try.
Screen print shops thrive when they focus on the right customers, the right message, and the right goals that will propel them forward. If you can summarize your focus for the next year, you'll be armed with a powerful tool to help you understand what you should do next. It makes every decision along the way that much easier.
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