Worst. Window. Ever? Man City's misery. A trip to the Netherlands

Feb 05, 02:34 PM
On the Onefootball Podcast this week, Ian McCourt is joined by Dan Burke, Matt Frohlich and Joana Bueno.

And for the last time for a few months, we open with the transfer section of the podcast. There is Odion Ighalo, there is Pablo Marí explained and are there signs that Kylian Mbappé is getting ideas above his station.

With that done, it is time to dive deep into all things Premier league. There is talk of Manchester City's demise. There is talk of Liverpool (are they the greatest?) and there is even some FA Cup chat too.

And with that done, Joana has been spending way too much time watching Eredivisie, so she needs to talk to us about all of that.

What more could you want?