Left Handed Edition

Feb 06, 12:00 PM
In this week’s episode, One Million Moms will pour out the first bowl of the Super Christ, we learn how Hillary Clinton murdered Kobe Bryant with math, and Don Ford will get adventurously fantastic up in this motherfucker.
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Christians freak out over halftime show:
1 million moms
Franklin Graham
E.W. Jackson: I’m Allowed To Call Obama a Dictator Because Atheists Are Dumb: https://friendlyatheist.patheos.com/2020/01/31/e-w-jackson-im-allowed-to-call-obama-a-dictator-because-atheists-are-dumb/
It’s No Exaggeration: Sweeping South Dakota Bill Aims to Eliminate LGBTQ Rights: https://friendlyatheist.patheos.com/2020/02/01/its-no-exaggeration-sweeping-south-dakota-bill-aims-to-eliminate-lgbtq-rights/
Christian TV Host: Hillary Clinton May Have Murdered Kobe Bryant with Witchcraft