Exploring Buddhist Modernism

Feb 06, 06:42 PM
"I see philosophy as not only part of the great modernist, or western project of understanding, but feeding into the Buddhist project of bringing awakened values into the world" - Dhivan

Sanghadhara chats to Dhivan, Silavadin and Dr Matt Drage who recently led a philosophy symposium at Adhisthana called 'Exploring Buddhist Modernism'. 
The premise of this symposium being that western Buddhism has been deeply conditioned and informed by assumptions of the modern age: in particular, by affective scientific naturalism, romantic expressivism, and the Protestant reformation. Therefore those who are practicing as western Buddhists need to engage with these three themes.

We hear about the talks and themes from this symposium as well as being given a framework in which we can position ourselves on the spectrum of Buddhist modernism. Celebrating the atmosphere of openness and friendliness, we are also given a glimpse into how events like this can help us both clarify our views and allow us get into dialogue with those who have opposing opinions to us.

Recorded at Adhisthana, January 2020.