Case 003: Purple Rage

Season 1, Episode 3,  Feb 11, 2020, 03:00 AM

Did the famous rivalry between Prince and Michael Jackson get so heated in the early 80s that it could have changed music forever? It’s a new case for Ricky and Tony and naturally they’re on a mission to solve it!
The word on the street is that at a James Brown show in 1983, Prince felt he’d be made to look a fool on stage by MJ and got so mad that he asked his limo driver to try and run him and La Toya down. You can watch the YouTube footage for yourself here!
Luckily, Ricky & Tony’s intelligence web stretches deep into Hollywood and they have the experts on hand to shed more light on the situation. Ricky has Prince superfan Casey Rain on hand to give his side of the story and biographer and fountain of MJ knowledge Steve Knopper shares his intel. 
Could a moonwalk, a few body pops and some killer riffs have resulted in a pop showdown with a tragic end, or has the rumour mill gone into overdrive? The Pop Detectives are on the case!

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From Globe Productions 
Producer: Gareth Evans
Creative Producers: Will Nichols, Geoff Lloyd
Researcher: Eloise Carr