Ungrateful Bitch! | Employee Relationships

Episode 35,   Apr 14, 2020, 09:00 AM

Some people just have no concept of what life is like outside of their bubble. Some people have always had everything handed to them and probably always will. What is lifelike for those charged with catering to these assholes? That’s today on Office Horror Stories!

Here’s a preview of the office horror story we will be talking about: 

“Having never done anything of value in her own life, she has devoted all her time to berating and humiliating us poor’s. We’ve photo-documented their homes down to the polish of the salad forks, lest she sends us manifestos about how we failed their expectations when an original Rockwell painting is .0007 degrees off-center. I once had to shuttle her and the company owner’s wife through a raging blizzard, and while I waited for them to eat at a restaurant, she loudly expressed her desire that the waiter be hanged for bringing her lukewarm soup (there was one waiter holding down about eight 4-tops by themselves due to their coworkers being snowed out of work).”


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