Working On Your Screen Printing Business: How Screen Printing Companies Actually Grow

Feb 12, 2020, 11:00 AM

The way to grow your screen printing business is to work on the business – not in the business. If you want to create a company that's durable, profitable, and runs on it own – it's not enough to be a good screen printer. You have to put in high-value work around finances, people, processes, and delegation.
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If you've ever trained for a marathon, started a new diet, or just challenged yourself to use the gym more, then you already know that you can't just put in a month's work and reap the benefits.
Athletes know that success involves three core components:
Fuel: a good diet
Activity: an exercise regimen and focused practice
Dedication: a long-term commitment
Great athletes don't play their first game as a fully developed athlete.
The major areas you can work on TODAY to help your business grow are:
Finance: implement Profit First, only take orders with 100% down payment, raise your prices.
People: hire for talent and train for skill, hire managers from other industries, look for Spanish speakers and college dropouts
Process: implement processes so good you can leave your screen print shop and it keeps operating normally
Delegation: give tasks that you’re not good at, that aren’t high-value, and that you don’t like doing to others. Immediately. Delegation is not an option!
Printavo helps thousands of print shops grow their business. But we can’t do it alone – you have to take the lead and work on your business. Our software can help with invoicing, scheduling, payments, online stores, and so much more...but you have to put the rubber to the road and develop your business.
Can you take a vacation?
Here's a gut-check for any screen print shop owner: can you leave the shop for a day? How about a week? What about a month?
If that sounds impossible, it's time to look at the overall processes in place within your shop. This typically involves three discrete operations:
Customer-facing operations
Sales, communications, order intake, artwork, quoting, invoicing, customer education, marketing, social media
Printing operations
Screen burning and reclaiming, printing, quality control, packaging
Management operations
Scheduling, procurement, equipment maintenance, technique standardization, training
The shop owner exists within all three aspects of the business through the processes they implement.
This is high-value knowledge for any screen printing business owner:
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