The rise of Verona, working under Wilder and tschuss Jürgen

Feb 12, 02:57 PM
On the Onefootball Podcast this week, Ian McCourt is joined by Helge Wohltmann, Alex Mott and Francesco Porzio.

Serie A is crazy right now. Inter are back on (joint) top. Juventus are losing. Lazio could win the league. And everyone is talking about Verona and how good they are.

Speaking of wild, there was that storm at the weekend and Chris Wilder (see what we did there?) is talking his team to fifth in the Premier League. A former player of his speaks. A lack of Premier League action means we can focus on the Championship title race too.

And finally, to the Bundesliga. Why has Jürgen Klinsmann said so long to Berlin? Well, it's a complicated one but luckily, Helge has brought along his notes.

What more could you want?