Working On Vacation | Dream Job Nightmare

Episode 37,   Apr 21, 2020, 09:00 AM

Have you ever had a boss that didn’t respect your time off? Calling, emailing, even demanding you “stop in” on your vacation? Today we hear about a zealous boss who doesn’t respect personal time in any, way shape, or forms!

Here’s a preview of the office horror story we will be talking about:

“Shortly after, I would start getting called in on my week-long vacations, and the reason was my manager was whining about shifts needing to be covered and having no one to call in, and a close friend of mine had enough and flat out told him, "Hey, why not call in [story writer], he'll work" and just kept pestering and pestering until in an annoyed tone my manager was like, "I guess I can call him in"

Well, one of these days, the store owner was at the store and remembering the schedule issue, I brought it up with her, to which the owner was shocked at how little I was being given for hours.

After that, I was given regular working hours again, and I think it was in part because my friend would just annoy my manager into calling me in, and also because I think the owner tore the manager a new butthole for abusing his employees.

Soon, however, I was given nothing but opening shifts, and our store opens at 6am... the reason this is an issue is that I have ADHD meds I take at 7am every day, and my manager knew this.”

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