The Reset Rebel Meets Lily Rinae Director of Born Balearic

Feb 18, 03:50 PM
This week Jo Youle travels to sunset session spot,  Hostel La Torre to meet the Japanese director of Born Balearic, Lily Rinae. As some who feels displaced on this planet, Lily found home through the music she dicovered on the island, especially after a trip to Sa Trinxa, home to Jon Sa Trinxa. 

At the southernmost part of this island, Jon has been playing music all day, everyday at the same beach for 25 years. He arrived on a hippie bus from London. 

"Living on an island with the ocean and the sun. That was enough to lure me here." He came to Ibiza penniless, and to make matters worse, a fight with a friend was topped off with a car accident. How did he end up being a DJ at some beachside restaurant after so much misfortune? You're about to find out if you watch this film, which premiered at Ibiza Cinefest two weeks ago in Santa Eulalia. 
This documentary film portrays Ibiza's music scene and the life of "the legendary DJ of Ibiza" Jon Sa Trinxa who devoted his life to music.

Drop in to todays podcast as we meet Lily and find out how she feel in Love with Ibiza and spent a year away from her home in New York to make it and spend one whole summer with Jon. 
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