How Important is Culture in the Workplace?

Feb 21, 2020, 12:00 PM

These days most people have no intention to stay with a company for more than a couple of years. In fact, if you go into any business class across the nation, you’ll hear the students being encouraged not to stay with a company for more than a few years. Crystal Martinez, however, has climbed the ladder at one company from high school to now. Listen as she shares why she’s stayed, how they’ve built a family, and the challenges she has faced by taking on more responsibility.

When Crystal started at Fieldwork Anywhere she was in high school and had no clue she’d still be there, all these years later. She met her husband and best friend while working there and has managed to climb the proverbial corporate ladder all the way to becoming the President of Fieldwork Webwork. All of this has been made possible by the family-style culture that has been built over the years.

Climbing the corporate ladder has not been without its challenges though. As she’s gained responsibility, she’s had to adjust her relationships within the Fieldwork family. She shares how she’s managed to do that and maintain close friendships with her employees. 

Crystal credits Fieldwork’s values of inclusion and diversity for making it a company she’s wanted to stay with. Rather than keeping her employees in the dark on decisions, she lets them sit at the table. It has been this way since she started and feeling like she’s been a part of the growth of the company has contributed to her lasting investment. 

While it’s less and less common for companies to hold onto their employees, it is possible. Crystal’s story is inspiring for anyone who thinks it is impossible to climb the ladder at one company. You just have to find the right company that will allow you the freedom to do it.

Show Notes:
  • [01:21] Welcome back! We hope you feel empowered to share your challenges with us.
  • [02:45] Joining Deirdre is Crystal Martinez to discuss workplace culture and having people stay.
  • [04:18] When Crystal started with her company, did she intend to stay? 
  • [05:28] What are they doing at Fieldwork to keep people? 
  • [07:10] Do they do anything specific to attract the younger generation? 
  • [08:57] How does Crystal manage the hard conversations while still fostering the feeling of family? 
  • [12:08] Listen as Crystal shares how she incorporates emotional intelligence every day at Fieldwork.
  • [14:44] What are some of the challenges that Crystal faces in her role? 
  • [17:22] Has Crystal had any big AHA moments where she learned something about herself?
  • [20:08] Crystal shares her advice for building teams that want to stay.
  • [23:01] Connect with Crystal.
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