Delusional As F | Manage Productivity

Episode 41,   May 05, 2020, 09:00 AM

If you have an office horror story, we want to hear it! Share it with us!

What do you do when the person you work for is delusional. They have visions of grandeur that really don’t exist, yet they insist on living in this delusional world and bringing you into it? How do you keep your job and not go crazy at such w workplace?

“It didn't take me long to find out my boss was mentally insane. It started off fine, she was great but quickly went south after a few months. She was super funny and would sing and dance in front of the customers to make them laugh. Everyone loved her. She would always brag about her lifestyle and her big nice house her husband built her and how they donate so much money to charity every year. She seemed like she had it all. One day I came into work down in the dumps because my boyfriend had gotten locked up earlier that day for probation violation. She noticed something was wrong, and after me explaining to her what happened, she dragged me to her car and took me to bail him out of jail. I told her a million times not to do it because I didn't have the money to pay her back, but she insisted. A couple of weeks after that passed, she told everyone that she had hit the lottery and that she was going to give each worker $10,000. We were all ecstatic to say the least, because we did not make a lot of money working there making $2.00 an hour being a waitress. She also told me in private that I was her favorite, so she was going to buy me a car because I didn't have one. I was over the moon, excited. She would randomly buy everyone nice things and treat us to dinner a few times a month.”

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