Fake Identity | Business Fails

Episode 42,   May 07, 2020, 09:00 AM

Sometimes reality is just too “normal” for some people. What do you do when you find out that the person you think you are working with, is not that very person at all! That’s today on Office Horror Stories!

Here is a preview of a story.

“I would review with T things that she should have remembered as we just discussed it the day before. When she would talk to customers, it was like she knew nothing about the clothes even though we had trained all our staff on the focus diets on the important items that we really wanted them to concentrate on. She would be taken in for coaching and things would improve for a bit, but we finally let her go. A few years later, I ran into T on the street, or at least I thought it was her. She was still dressed the same way in the same cakey makeup and the same clothes. Her hair was looking like she had just stepped out of a hair salon where she had spent hours under a dryer drum with rollers. And her perfume created a scent barrier where I could barely breathe. As I said chasing with her, it came out that it was not actually T but, instead, was a sister a triplet. T had two identical sisters!”

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