Moving Past Self-Doubt to Become Limitless

Feb 28, 2020, 12:00 PM

Have you been walking your path but feeling like it’s not as good as or “right” like someone else’s? Believe it or not, your path and purpose are yours alone. Your success is dependent upon the things that make you happy. Here to chat about leaving the Jones’s behind in favor of finding your success is Laura Gassner Otting.

Laura is a lawyer and serial entrepreneur who has made a career out of figuring out what makes her happy and then going for it. She is the Chief Catalyzing Officer of her business and helps others to start taking action and find their path. 

There is no right or wrong way to be successful. As you grow and change your values mature and strengthen, your view of success oftentimes morphs as well. Laura says you should lean into those moments and realize that you are right where you are meant to be. 

Too often we shame ourselves for not focusing on one path, but as women, there are so many different entry points and doorways in our lives. From young adulthood, through college, marriage, children, career, etc. women have the luxury of spending their entire lives being given the opportunity to change their path.

Laura gives the absolute best advice to all women on how they can reach their “limitless” and you won’t want to miss it. From the beginning of the episode to the end, her ideas will make you think and take stock of what you think success should be. Listen in and prepare to feel the punch to the face, wrapped in a warm hug.

Show Notes:
  • [01:08] Welcome to another episode of Women Worldwide.
  • [03:37] How do you become a chief catalyzing officer? 
  • [05:11] Why is Laura a “punch wrapped in a warm hug?” 
  • [07:46] What are the takeaways Laura hopes her readers get from her book? 
  • [09:23] Being limitless doesn’t mean you have to make huge strides. It means following your path.
  • [11:26] Learn what holds people back from finding their “limitless.” 
  • [14:23] How does Laura emphasize empathy in the workplace? 
  • [17:45] Laura shares one of the most poignant aha moments in her career.
  • [21:38] ...which led to her becoming a speaker and author. 
  • [24:25] Where does our exhaustion come from and how can you overcome it? 
  • [26:04] Connect with Laura.
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