The Legend of Highball Jackson: Episode 18 (Ma and Pa Ferguson & the Story of York)

Mar 02, 2020, 12:00 PM
This episode we are joined by Josh from the Bloody Beaver Podcast to cheers with us and share a very scandalous tale of his own. We toast Whiskey Highballs this episode, a crisp and simple sparkling mix loved by all who love spirits. Cheers y’all, to whiskey, podcaster friends and to fixin’ to talk about scandals!

ALSO DISCUSSED: The Legend of Highball Jackson, state-sponsored cashmere sweaters,  doing crime better, that good butter, Mortal Kombat, Stephanie’s grandmother vs Tux’s grandfather, reproducing iphones, a dog named Semen, and the absence of heroes in history. 

STEPHANIE & TUX’s scandal revolves around Ma & Pa Furguson, a very outrageous couple that both made history in their own ways. Governor Jim Ferguson became the first person in Texas to ever be impeached--rightfully so. Then his wife Miriam very conveniently became the first female governor of Texas. She openly campaigned as a stand-in for her husband and won! Two governors for the price of one! What a pair?!

JOSH tells the scandal of York, the African-American explorer, best known for his participation with the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Enslaved by William Clark's father and passed down through a will to his son, York participated as a full member of the expedition. Despite his unpaid contributions to the team his freedom would not come until decades after the expedition. Classic.

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