Serial Killers - The Plainfield Butcher - The Ed Gein Story

Episode 96,   Mar 02, 2020, 10:25 AM

The true story of one of the most disturbing killers of all time - Ed Gein

As yet another storm rages through Ireland the guys hunker down out of the chill and get around the mics for a spine tingling serial killer profile.

Chris takes D back to 1954 where Edward Theadore Gein begins his body snatching, murdering spree. Regarded as one of the most disturbing finds by a sheriff department ever, the story, and more specifically the house of Ed Gein will linger in your mind for weeks to come. Serving as the main inspiration for most modern horror/slasher flicks today, this story will live on forever in serial killer lore.

On top of all that the guys discuss the ever growing Corona Virus pandemic, film news including the latest from James Bond and of course some Nick Cage News. 

On this day, tid bits, tangents and what all the guys have been up to conclude the episode as they push ever closer to the big 100.