Case 006: L8ter Sk8ter - The Complicated Clone

Season 1, Episode 6,  Mar 03, 2020, 05:31 AM

It’s one of the most famous pop mysteries, did pop punkster Avril Lavigne pass away to be replaced by a clone? It’s certainly a complicated one but Ricky & Tony have got the evidence and the experts at hand to solve this one good and proper.

Did Avril Lavigne die and get replaced by a clone who’s been fooling fans for the last 17 years?        

The theory claims that Avril, struggling with fame having been thrust into the limelight at only 18, began using a body double named Melissa Vandella hired for her striking resemblance to Avril. At some point, the real Avril is said to have died, so the record company replaced her with Melissa full-time. 

The evidence is certainly intriguing but as always Ricky & Tony’s rolodex is on hand to get an expert opinion. Avril superfan Mika Itkin-Weinstein has spent an unhealthy amount of time looking into this case already having set up a petition to unite Avril and her clone Melissa for a photo, and to find out how cutting edge technology could help solve this case once and for all Ricky & Tony chat to the founder of face recognition app YOTI

A complicated case but for Ricky & Tony it’s another day in the office and no case goes unsolved...ever!

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Creative Producers: Will Nichols, Geoff Lloyd
Researcher: Eloise Carr