Too Good To Be True | Job Search Tips

Episode 43,  May 12, 2020, 09:00 AM

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! That is something that is easy to tell others, but sometimes hard to digest if you are the recipient of the sudden “fortune.” Today we hear a crazy story of name dropping to the extreme.

“Most office horror stories come from workplaces where we must deal with nightmarish coworkers and bosses. I happily left that world to start my own business in 2007, and for the most part, it has been everything I’ve ever wanted. Awesome customers, a fantastic network of other small business owners to chat with, and the freedom that comes from running my own show.

But office horror stories can happen to one-person businesses too, and here’s the proof!

I had an amazing customer—for several months, she spent a LOT of money in my online shop, specifically on custom pieces. She'd always been very well-spoken in our email exchanges, was very engaging, had lots of social media cred, and I trusted her.

After ordering several items over several months, which she always paid for, and giving me glowing reviews, she casually mentioned that she was going on a certain TV show, which she teasingly called “E.” I congratulated her, assuming she was going to be on The Ellen Show, and to my surprise, she invited me to go on the Ellen Show WITH HER, because my work was so inspiring, and Ellen loved it. (My artwork has a lot to do with rescue animals, so this seemed legit to me at the time.)

This is important to understand—this customer had a VERY credible reason why she was going, and why she was asking me along.

And then…two days after THAT invite was extended, she called me and revealed that her "personal friend,” Oprah Winfrey, wanted to meet me as well.”

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